Welcome to Hailley Howard Photography, your premium Laguna Beach photography studio. With a decade-long experience capturing authentic and intimate moments, we bring art to life through our cameras.

Are you planning a beach wedding, looking for stunning family portraits, holding a company event, or needing corporate headshots? Then trust us to create powerful imagery. Let us tell your unique story with creativity and passion!

Photography Services Offered

Our photography studio in Laguna Beach offers a wide range of services, including wedding, event, commercial, portrait, and fine art photography.

Wedding Photography

Securing the perfect Laguna Beach wedding photographer is vital to capturing those special moments on your big day. At Hailley Howard Photography, we specialize in bringing romance and charm into focus.

We prioritize natural, authentic moments showcasing the joy and love shared between couples. From pre-ceremony preparations to sunset dances, we ensure every significant moment is immortalized with stunning visuals that tell a heartfelt story of your union.

As a seasoned Laguna Beach wedding photographer, relying on us means entrusting your precious memories to experienced hands.

Event Photography

Whether it’s a corporate function, an intimate gathering, or a large-scale event like a music festival or product launch, our team is ready to capture every significant moment.

With our expert event photography services in Laguna Beach, Orange County, and throughout Southern California, we strive to encapsulate the energy of your event into beautiful images that leave a lasting impression on you and your guests.

We focus on capturing detailed shots and candid moments of people enjoying themselves, which tells the whole story of your special occasion. So why wait? Hire us to make sure these priceless memories are captured masterfully!

Commercial Photography

Commercial photography services are essential for businesses in and around Laguna Beach. By skillfully combining artistic creativity with professional techniques, we capture captivating images that truly reflect your brand identity.

The services offered range from taking product photos for online catalogs to business headshots or event pictures, always prioritizing delivering high-quality results that tell your company’s story effectively.

The understanding of the impact visuals have in today’s market – be it a striking billboard advertisement or engaging social media content- makes this service an ideal choice for commercial photography needs in Orange County.

Portrait Photography

Our photography services specialize in capturing the essence of individuals and their loved ones genuinely and naturally. Whether seizing a precious family moment, commemorating an engagement, or updating professional headshots, we aim to produce stunning images that narrate your distinctive story.

We focus on creating sleek lines, symmetry, and unexpected moments that genuinely portray your identity. Our team of experienced professionals has a true passion for photography and adopts a collaborative approach to ensure we capture the perfect shot every time.

Contact us today to schedule your session and allow us to create magnificent portraits you will treasure for years.

Fine Art Photography

Our studio has expertise in Fine Art Photography, capturing one-of-a-kind and captivating images that highlight the beauty of Laguna Beach. We strive to create artistic compositions that evoke emotions and narrate stories.

Whether it’s an exquisite landscape or a thoughtfully arranged still life, we aim to offer you timeless pieces that can be displayed as wall art or treasured as mementos.

Count on us to capture the picturesque scenes of Laguna Beach and transform them into stunning works of art for your enjoyment.

Photographer’s Style and Approach

Hailley specializes in documentary and editorial style, capturing natural, authentic, and intimate moments with clean lines, symmetry, and unique perspectives.

Documentary and Editorial Style

With over a decade of experience in the photography world, Hailley has refined her skills and nurtured a passion for capturing life’s most precious moments. Her journey began by leveraging connections in the fashion industry, a venture that has since taken her around the globe.

Throughout her travels, Hailley has experienced immense growth and many incredible opportunities. This has shaped her unique style and approach to photography. In collaboration with her business partners, Hailley has expanded her services while preserving a personal touch.

Natural and Authentic Moments

Experience the beauty of natural and authentic moments captured through Hailley’s lens. She always strives to capture genuine emotions and candid interactions with a blend of documentary and editorial styles.

We aim to tell your unique story through our lens by highlighting the small details that make each moment memorable.

Clean Lines and Symmetry

Our photography style embraces clean lines and symmetry to create stunning and timeless images. These elements add a sense of simplicity and elegance to each photograph, allowing the subjects to shine.

By paying attention to details like composition and balance, we capture visually pleasing moments that highlight the beauty in every frame. Whether it’s a portrait session, wedding, or event photography, our focus on clean lines and symmetry ensures that your photographs will have a polished look with an artistic touch.

Trust us to capture your special moments with precision and aesthetic appeal.

Unique and Unexpected Moments

Get ready to capture those special and unpredictable moments that make life unforgettable. As a photographer based in Laguna Beach, Hailley’s passion lies in discovering the beauty and wonder in everyday scenes.

Hailley strives to capture genuine emotions, natural interactions, and fleeting expressions that authentically tell your story. From the joy shared during family portraits to the intimate moments exchanged between couples, these unexpected gems bring each photograph to life.

Whether we’re exploring the stunning coastline or finding hidden treasures within our surroundings, let’s create images that reflect your unique journey and leave you with cherished memories for years to come.

About the Photographer

With over ten years of experience, Hailley Howard captures the world and unique tales.Discover the passion and collaborative approach that sets this Laguna Beach photographer apart.

Background and Experience

Hailley has honed her skills and developed a passion for capturing life’s most precious moments. Her journey started by leveraging connections in the fashion industry, and it has since taken her all around the globe.

She has experienced tremendous growth and countless incredible opportunities that have shaped her unique style and approach.

Together, we strive to tell your story through natural, authentic moments that showcase your individuality. At Hailley Howard Photography, we are committed to providing exceptional service backed by years of experience capturing beautiful memories.

Collaborative Approach

At Hailley Howard Photography, we believe in a collaborative approach to capturing your special moments. We understand that each client has a unique vision and story to tell, and we want to work closely with you to bring that vision to life.

Hailley will take the time to listen to your ideas, preferences, and goals for the shoot, ensuring that every detail is considered. We value your input and encourage open communication throughout the entire process.

Working together as a team, we can create stunning photographs that exceed your expectations and reflect who you are. Let us be your partners in capturing memories that will last a lifetime.

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What factors should I consider when choosing a Laguna Beach photographer?

When choosing a Laguna Beach photographer, it is essential to consider their portfolio of work, pricing, packages offered, availability for your desired date and time, and their communication style and professionalism. Meeting with the photographer in person or having a phone consultation is also helpful to ensure they fit your photography needs.

What types of photography services are typically offered by Laguna Beach photographers?

Laguna Beach photographers often offer various types of photography services, including wedding photography, engagement sessions, family portraits, maternity sessions, newborn photography, and event coverage. Some photographers may specialize in specific genres, such as landscape photography or fashion/editorial shoots.

How far in advance should I book a Laguna Beach photographer?

It is recommended to book a Laguna Beach photographer as soon as you have determined your preferred date and location for the photo shoot or event. Famous photographers tend to get booked quickly, especially during peak seasons or holidays. Booking several months in advance will ensure availability and allow ample time to discuss details and plan your session or event

What can I expect during a Laguna Beach photoshoot?

During a Laguna Beach photoshoot, you can expect the photographer to guide you through different poses and locations to capture the best moments. They will work with you to create beautiful and memorable photos.

Can I get digital copies of the photos from my photography session?

Yes, most photographers offer digital copies of the photos from your photography session. You can request these copies as part of a package or add-on service.

How long does a photography session in Laguna Beach usually last?

The duration of a photography session in Laguna Beach can vary depending on the type of session and your specific needs. It can range from a couple of hours for a family session to several hours for a wedding or engagement photoshoot.

Can I view my photos in an online gallery?

Many photographers provide online galleries where you can view and select your photos from the session. That allows you to browse through the images and make your choices conveniently.

What are some popular locations in Laguna Beach for a photoshoot?

Some popular locations in Laguna Beach for a photoshoot include Main Beach, Montage, Victoria Beach, Treasure Island Beach, and Thousand Steps Beach. These locations offer beautiful backdrops for your photos.

Why is Laguna Beach a Good Place for Photographs?

Laguna Beach, nestled in Orange County, is an idyllic location renowned for its striking landscapes and vibrant beach culture. This beach town provides a picturesque backdrop for all types of photography, making it a favorite for locals and tourists.  Laguna Beach is the perfect place to create stunning, cherished memories.

Why Choose a Laguna Beach Photographer?

Choosing a local Laguna Beach photographer provides many advantages. They understand the unique light of the beach, know the perfect spots to create beautiful images, and can capture the laid-back spirit.

What is The Magic of Laguna Beach Photography?

There is something magical about Laguna Beach photography. It’s the pristine beach locations, the breathtaking coves, or the natural light that creates enchanting photos. Photographers use this magic to create family portraits, stunning wedding photography, and engaging corporate event photos that speak volumes.

How can Wedding Photography in Laguna Beach Capture Your Special Day?

Laguna Beach provides a romantic and picturesque setting from engagement photos to the wedding day. Your wedding photographer will capture your special day against the beautiful Pacific Ocean backdrop, creating images you’ll treasure for years.