Anywhere and everywhere! Destinations weddings are considered anywhere outside of a 50-mile radius of Laguna Beach, CA. Transportation (mileage, rental car, flight , accomadations) will be built into the contract for reimbursement.

Yes! Certificate of insurance available upon request. Inquire with your venue for their requirements.

My digital go-to is my Canon R5 Mirrorless. We can also add a touch of nostalgia and quick turnaround with some 35mm film shot on a Contax T2, Polaroids or even super 8mm upon request.

Your images will be delivered via an online gallery where you can easily download and share your high-resolution files. The gallery will be hosted for one year after receiving the images. Just remember that downloading, saving and archiving your digital treasures is your responsibility! Our turnaround time is 4 months, although during certain seasons your photos may be ready sooner.

Print them and let’s create a beautiful album together. Basic professional prints can be ordered through the gallery link and we offer additional options upon request, including fine art prints, framed prints and both contemporary and heirloom albums.

Our menu serves a wide variety of budgets and we are always open to building custom packages!

While second shooters are always preferred for important events, we’re flexible and ready to accommodate your comfort level and requirements. Keep in mind that I cannot be in two places at once!

Once we agree on a package that suits your needs, you’ll fill out a questionnaire so we can put together the contract. After the contract has been signed, an invoice for the 20% booking fee will be sent. Once that is paid you are all set and the date is locked in. The final payment is due 14 days before your wedding/event.

We’re versatile! Whether it’s photography, videography or any creative content, we’ve got you covered. Our team and colleagues can handle a wide range of your creative needs.


After shooting hundreds of weddings over the years I’ve developed an intimate, insider’s understanding of the entire wedding process. In an effort to assist both prospective clients and fellow professionals, I’d like to offer some valuable tips and insights to make everyone’s lives a bit smoother.

Be Creative

There are no rules, so follow your heart’s desires – whether it’s a midnight ceremony, an all-white dress code, or a wedding in the middle of the ocean. I’m up for it!


Turn cake tasting into a date, make seating chart planning a fun game, and savor every opportunity to create lasting memories..


When choosing a photographer, prioritize someone you genuinely like, you’ll be spending a significant part of your big day with them.


Quality comes at a price, and you’re investing in expertise, professional equipment, editing time, and your memory preservation.


If you hire separate photographers and videographers, introduce them. Each team has distinct expectations but aims to create beautiful art for you.


If you hire separate photographers and videographers, introduce them. Each team has distinct expectations but aims to create beautiful art for you.


Share a detailed shot list, timeline, and schedule with your photographer in advance to ensure they capture all your desired moments.


Consider a “first look” session—it gives you more photo time, lets you take family photos before the ceremony, and provides valuable alone time before the main event.


If the day runs behind schedule; nothing starts without you two. Roll with any unexpected changes or mistakes—they’re your little secrets.


Breathe. Remember to smile, even amid the stress. You’re on camera capturing emotional and chaotic moments.


Interact with each other to capture authentic memories. Kiss, touch, cuddle, and enjoy your day.


Request your officiant to step aside when you share your first kiss.

Did someone say shotlist?

A shot list is essential for making sure we capture all the important moments to you, from the smallest details to the grandest gestures. It’s a way for us to know exactly who and what you treasure the most. This is where a wedding planner can be a game-changer. They can expertly orchestrate every detail, ensuring a seamless day and allowing you to relax and enjoy.


Less is More

Please create a concise and well-organized list of the essential portraits you want, specifying their order. Remember that less is more when it comes to the list to ensure a smooth flow. If you have specific requests like portraits with each bridesmaid and groomsman, please inform us in advance, as this requires extra time.



Plan for approximately 5 minutes per portrait/family combination during the session.


Detail Shots

Certain standard wedding photos, such as the rings, bouquet, dress, and shoes, are part of any professional photographer's routine. However, if you have unique items, heirlooms, or special guests you'd like featured in your album, please inform us so we can capture them beautifully. Also note that these details take time, plan for one hour of coverage.



Once we finalize the details, we will go through this process together to ensure everything runs smoothly on your wedding day.


After the big day and the dust has settled, what do you do with all of these pictures? With the help of your photographer and a professional printer and album company you will give life to your investment and this most monumental adventure. Don’t allow these moments to lay dormant on your hard drive. Let’s make some art!
When you go on your honeymoon tell EVERYONE it is your honeymoon. People LOVE love!