Photo by Kyle Fierro

I'm Hailley

My photographic style blends documentary and editorial, centered on natural, authentic, and intimate moments. I am drawn to clean lines, symmetry, architectural elements, the juxtaposition of grand and minuscule scenes, the vastness of the ocean, shades of green and blue, perfectly candid moments, suspended emotions, and a touch of mystery.

As the observer, I promise to capture something unique and unexpected, something that might otherwise have gone unnoticed. I genuinely love what I do – creating and preserving everlasting memories. I view each project as a collaborative effort of the soul; what unique creation can we craft together?


I started my photography journey 13 years ago, fueled by a dream and my contacts in the fashion industry. Taking a leap of faith into the unknown, I was fully committed to the adventure ahead. This journey has taken me across the globe and has been filled with sacrifices and challenges. Over the past few years, I’ve experienced significant personal and professional growth and have been presented with numerous exciting opportunities.

I’ve had the privilege of working in the wedding, event, and commercial photography industries. However, handling everything on my own stretched me thin. In 2019, my brother and sister-in-law (Noah & Kelli) joined my exhilarating journey, recognizing my need for support. Their backgrounds in business and marketing perfectly complemented my creative skills, completing the puzzle I’d been missing.

I focus on the creative and project execution aspects while they manage the business side of things. Some say mixing family and business can be tricky, but I am forever grateful for their contributions and support in realizing my dreams.

In 2023, I embarked on an exciting new endeavor. I was selected to participate in the prestigious Laguna Beach Fine Arts Festival, where I presented my series, “Women: It’s A Nude, Nude Summer.” I am thrilled to announce that I have been invited back for the 2024 exhibition and eagerly anticipate the opportunity to showcase my upcoming series.

My vision as a photographer revolves around capturing the world and the unique stories it holds. This profession has provided me with a remarkable window into the lives of diverse individuals, transforming my own life and broadening my perspective. The word “grateful” hardly seems sufficient to convey the depth of positive emotions I feel about turning my passion into a career and the countless memories and moments it has afforded me.

Photo by Kyle Fierro